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Online Part time Jobs - Internet Marketer
2-4 hrs daily (Monthly Income Between $500 to $800) Available Now - Urgent!

a) Can be done from home from internet b) Training provided, require basic internet surf knowledge  c) Basic Internet Marketing Skill is an added advantage



Forum Poster- Online Group/Forum
FORUM POSTING ASSISTANT WANTED.(Monthly Income Between $500 to $800 + Attractive Commissions) Available Now - Urgent!

TWO FUNCTIONS REQUIRED: 1.)Create Forum accounts, Write Good Creative Comments Related To A Marketing Product for Group/ Forum activity

2.) Create good comments for forum marketing. Experience as an active member in any group forum is an added advantage



Document Editing
(Monthly Income Between $300 to $500)Available Now - Urgent!

This is a short and easy project for someone who is good in editing few articles topics' content into one nicely pinned article.  We have all the content with different topics and outline structures etc.  I need you to go through it, take all the important points and assemble it as one unique quality article.


Content Writers
Ongoing / More than 6 months ( Monthly Income Between $500 to $800)

Excellent english - written and verbal 1-2 years experience in content /technical writing is preferred. Offers article writing, eBook writing, press releases, and web content writing on a wide variety of topics ranging from marketing, health, relationship topics up to pet training topics. Writing Product Reviews is also included.



e-Product Advertiser
Ongoing Job / Flexible Time (Monthly Income Between $500 to $800 + Commissions)
Available Now - Urgent!

You must have excellent online advertising skills. Able to post ads with quality content written. Analyze online products quality and its benefit to consumers. Post attractive messages to get views.



Video Creator- Short Movie Maker

$5 to $10 per/video depends on the quality Available Now - Urgent!

Create Quality Video based on the content given including voice recording. Graphical and special effects is an advantage.


Office Assistant

Monthly Between $400 and $600

Needing someone to do mostly minor business transactions. Pay expenses, utilities, keep monthly transaction history etc. Should have a US based telephone line, preferably an at&t wireless number for cost


Virtual Assistant / Customer Service Rep
Monthly Between $400 and $600)

I'm looking for assistance in customer support and communications. Specifically, about 5 hours per week working with potential clients who would like to schedule a complimentary and assorted administrative tasks



Web Research - Ongoing work
Monthly Between $500 to $800

I need someone who can work for 10-15 hours a week (2 or 3 hours a day, 5 days per week) doing simple web research.
The selected person will have to look for websites that meet a very specific criteria that we will provide the list of webs



Personal Assistant
Monthly Between $400 and $600

I need access to an assistant that can help with a number of professional and personal requests including:
- Formatting presentations;
- Data entry;
- Locating gifts or products online;
- Making dinner reservations;
- Locating resources


Admin Support
Monthly Between $300 and $500

RVA is a growing company that focuses on providing clients with services in the following areas:

• Branding
• Ad development
• Logos
• Banner ads
• Webpage development and modifications
• Proposal writing


Writing Reviews
Ongoing / More than 3 months ( Monthly Income Between $300 to $600)Available Now - Urgent!

Excellent english - written and verbal 1-2 years experience in content /technical writing is preferred. Writing article reviews about a physical, digital and software products.Covers a wide variety of topics ranging from marketing, health, relationship,financial topics up to amazon product topics.




Admin Assistant
Monthly Between $400 and $600

This position requires working from home making phonecalls and accessing our software via the internet during the hours of 9am - 9 pm (Pacific Standard Time) or as closely to this as possible in order to make bookings for several seminars throughout


Monthly Between $500 and $800

Real Estate Company looking for Virtual Assistant to increase mailing list through social media, blog and websites, must have some experience


Survey Maker
1-2 hrs daily($5-$10/survey) Monthly between $400 to $800

We need a survey maker. This means you have to make 3 survey of you own choice. Each survey contains at least 12 questions. We will pay 5 dollars each survey and we will be paying extra per 10 survey that you do.


Customer Service for website virtual assistant
Hourly- Est. Time: Ongoing / More than 6 months, 10 hrs/week

We are looking for customer service rep to answer phone calls for a fitness company/ brand. We have incoming calls that must be answered and we need someone who can take in calls and take orders on the phone. We need someone with a good command of the English Language and be able to take orders.


Simple Internet Research
Monthly Between $400 and $600

This is a short and easy project for someone who is good with Word and can help me make my proposal look more professional.  I have all the content by am rather bad with outline structures etc.  I need someone who can go through it and make it read much more professionally.


Online Researcher
Monthly Between $400 and $600

You will be given the names and websites where you can gather information. I need someone who has excellent English (please no grammatical errors.) and can write a review based on what you read about the business.






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List of FEW profitable WORK FROM HOME online part time jobs out of more than 1000 job models that you can choose :

HOME BUSINESS CONSULTANTS  Stay Home and work directly from home. No experience or special skills are required! All you will need is a computer and access to the internet.

ADS & FORUM POSTING Create steady income and make good money online. The information you receive will be matched specifically to the real-time, personal survey responses you provide here

E-COMMERCE MARKETER  deliver all type areas of commercial business from Real Estate to Corporate Management. From Marketing and Sales to the Manufacturing Industry and many others in between..

VIRTUAL ASSISTANT WANTED Re-engineering Maintenance and technical support Online Email Support and backend Admin support Technical

ARTICLES, ADS & MESSAGES TYPIST   offers article writing, eBook writing, press releases, and web content writing on a wide variety of topics ranging from automotive topics to dog training to web design.

CUSTOMER SERVICE at HOME   customer support services including call answering, email and ticketing support and live chat services to various domains, customer satisfaction surveys, technical support services, order taking, order processing and also outbound services

FREELANCE WRITER  We will pay you to write blog postings on your blog and link them to our clients' websites.

INTERNET AFFILIATE MARKETER. urgently req a) Can be done from home, b) Training provided, require basic computer knowledge

LANGUAGE TRANSLATOR WANTED.  . Good in both english and malay language.willing to translate articles

WEB-PROGRAMMER   You are familiar & love to write programming, know about web design &html. Knowledge in php and mysql is advanced.

EDITORS & WRITERS experience in writing & general claims report.

e-product ADVERTISER   You will be typing online ads that you submit into online forms. No-Obligation Information

ONLINE SURVEYOR  Earn up to $100 a day for completing online surveys and participating in forums. New Surveys Daily! Get paid $5 to $15 per survey!

GENERAL ACCOUNTS  Accounting system data entry/ Form processing/ Application processing

GRAPHIC DESIGNER web application development and Artwork/ PSD slicing/graphic design in Photoshop/logo design.web page template design applications for web.

HOME PRIVATE TUTORS  Teacher wanted. One to one teaching at home. Good Salary

INTERNET OPERATOR,  computer basic knowledge, help you become very successful in a short period of time and be able to work from home

 HOME TYPIST (SOFTWARE)   Anyone with a computer and Internet connection can use this powerful system for huge online profits. No website needed. Work at Home with No product needed.

COMPUTER PROJECT CLERK  required for computer literate home based-project from consultant companies..Flexible work

MAIL ORDERER  make money with a fully automated mailorder system that you can operate with your own work at home.

SYSTEM ADMIN, Market Research Surveys, Customer Response ,Toll Free Response ,Direct Mail Response, Answering Services, Inquiry Handling,Product Technical Information Help Desk,Order Processing,Reservations and Bookings, Level I and II Technical support services

LOGO/ANIMATION DESIGNER creating ads for publications, and many kinds of graphic pieces, from scratch... Web banners, animated and static, site layout, intro, buttons, entire sites.

WEB ADVERTISER  shows you all the BEST ways to advertise websites HTML markup, then check about company out. This is one of the very best work from home opportuntities today

RESEARCH social networking site developmenet,content management systems, Community building, blogs,wikis, forums,galleries

ADVERTISING DESIGNER, CAD DRAFTER Redesign of logo, creation of a range of sized and formatted banners in the theme of the newly designed website and logo

COMMUNICATION COORDINATOR  Chat, Inbound & Outbound calls, Email support, Data Entry and research from the Internet

PHOTOSHOP EDITOR   Logos, Business Cards, Brochures, Letterhead, Corporate Identity Package, Illustration, Banner Ads, Print Ads, 3D

PUBLISHING  banner networks, classified ads,context-based ads,affiliate systems, referral systems

Phone Support , Clipping Service, Finance Counselor, PC consultant, Administrative service,Desktop Support, Excel, Website creator, Information broker, Order Processing, Graphic designer & many more

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